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  • Alison Grimley

The Power in a Story

When it comes to creating your brand, your story is just as important as any other element, in fact, it is the most important. While numbers and data can be impressive in marketing, your story has the ability to persuade people to act. It connects with your existing and potential customers on an emotional level and reaches them where numbers and data can’t — their hearts. Storytelling in marketing allows you to create a message that is memorable, emotionally engaging, and has the power to forge connections with your audience. It is what sets you apart from your competitors and makes your brand truly unique. Nobody has your story, so leverage it.

When working through your branding process be sure to remember to develop your story. It is often something that is forgotten. Ask yourself some key questions: What is it you want your business to say to people? Why did you start this business? How do you want it to affect them? What is the legacy you want to leave behind through your business? My vision for JONA changed and organically grew over the years and I became clear that I wanted help other female entrepreneurs build six-figure incomes through reconnecting to their passion for their business and developing a strong brand. I didn’t want to simply market products, I wanted to be part of the creation of brands developed by women who were making a difference and taking charge to create the life they desired.

Your story doesn’t need to be complicated or drawn out. I know it can seem overwhelming when you first start to tackle it. That's ok. I coach my clients through a process that allows us to uncover their story and create an authentic brand voice to connect them to their market. When working on your brand it is important to develop the following:

- a clear vision

- a relatable message

- an outline of your core values

- an authentic voice

Revealing the true, authentic voice of your brand is what will create the connection you are looking for with your audience. We all love listening to stories, there is a certain magic that goes along with story telling. Why not tap into that magic in your brand identity and leverage the emotional connection a story creates?

Just make sure your story is authentic. People will see right through it if a story isn’t real. Make sure your story reflects something that is inherently true about your business. Today the landscape is so crowded and people have become more discerning when making purchases. They are more likely to purchase a brand that they feel connected to, one with a story that resonates and creates an emotional response for them. Be that brand.

If you want more information on my upcoming brand story creation workshop email me

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